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Our Collection

Within each broad group there’s a very wide choice, and almost endless options for personalising the final look through different finishes, colours, work surfaces and other details.

Fusion Kitchens

Contemporary design with slick finishes, striking colours and options for handle-less doors, the possibilities with Fusion for a unique and modern kitchen are literally endless.


Caledonia Kitchens

Our superb Caledonia range represents a more traditional look and feel for a new kitchen, with options for both painted and natural wood finishes.


Morven Bedrooms

Modern and more traditional designs form part of the Morven range of bedrooms, with all being expertly crafted and with highly detailed and clever storage solutions.


Bespoke Handmade

Individually created by our experienced craftsmen, our luxury, bespoke kitchens blend specialist knowledge with the finest materials to create flair that is both unique and personal to you and your home.


Morven Office Furniture

Designing, manufacturing and installing fitted home offices and storage solutions has long been part of our offer, and with so many people now working from home and with this becoming the long-term norm for a good percentage of them, we’ve seen a surge in interest.


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