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English Interiors is part of the Ashley Ann family. This partnership relationship means that although English Interiors is very much a local business in Leek and focused on the needs of customers in the Staffordshire town and surrounding area, it is fully supported by Ashley Ann. In all respects, this type of relationship has considerable benefits to anyone buying a kitchen or bedroom in the Leek area, and for these key reasons:

Ashley Ann is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-quality bespoke kitchens and bedrooms. Based in the north of Scotland, we have our own showrooms in Scotland and supply an enormous number of independent kitchen and bedroom retailers across the UK. However and for a selected few of these independent retailers, we take the relationship further and provide them with a very high degree of support and backing. English Interiors is one such retailer, and with this relationship comes a high level of reassurance and security for its customers.

All the kitchens and bedrooms at English Interiors come from Ashley Ann, meaning that all our 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing beautiful kitchens and bedrooms for literally tens of thousands of homes across the UK, can now be experienced at our showroom in Leek.

Visit www.ashleyann.co.uk

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